Each year group will have two performances . Parents/grandparents are welcome to come to one or both of the performances for their child.

We don't issue tickets for the main performances, as parents can just turn up on the day and there should be room for everyone. Pre-school children and babies won't be able to come though.

Important reminders

  • Please arrive on time as we won't be able to let in any latecomers. If grandparents or other relatives are coming along please make sure that they are aware of this too.
  • Please park sensibly for your visit, to minimise inconvenience for local residents.
  • It can take us a while to set up the hall for the plays,and it becomes very congested if we let everyone inside to wait in the library. We therefore ask parents arriving very early to wait on the bottom playground and we'll open the main door when we are ready. 
  • Parents are welcome to take photographs during the plays, but these should be for personal use only and not to be posted on social media.
  • There will be a retiring collection at the end of each performance so please bring some change along with you.
  • For afternoons only, parents who have come to watch may collect their children to take them home after the performance if they wish to. Please wait in the playground outside your child's class until he/she is changed and ready to go.